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On my mind lately..

"Daily Races"
-I consider the portion of one's individual experience, fittingly dubbed 'daily races' a culprit of delusion. Often serving more the functionality of maintenance rather than progress or growth, it should be recognized as an independent in the experience of life. The effect? Creating a sort of pseudo-distance between one's personal experience of life and all things remaining; resulting in skewed judgments upon every interaction as well as lack of compassion. The "shape" received by any given experience will be determined by and received through the window that is formed by the individual. I recognize variance of these "windows" makes life interesting and beautiful; but perhaps the full potential or achievement of one's personal window may be polluted by 'daily races' if they aren't recognized as just that.

A coward, when presented THE worst outcome, along with its inherent counter-measures - accepts & now operates accordingly. in fear of being wrong otherwise.
Rendering an open mind to one with ceilings to not dabble above.
Within the mind, when there are no walls, it is foolish to try and build a ceiling.

"Historical status due to progression not intelligence"
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"Religious absolute and relativity"
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"Scale and arrogance"
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"The practical maintained individual"
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"Ability vs Creativity"
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