Latest project

Not quite finished but getting there.
Here's a progress shot.

More early zBrush

I love how this 8 polygon mesh now has an incredible amount of depth.

Learning Zbrush

I've been trying out zBrush for about a week now and it's opened up a whole bunch of doors for all sorts of things I've been wanting to do.

ForkLift Update 10/12/10

Still have to add the back rest, steering wheel, and exhaust

Late Night Cooking!

-1/2 onion
-8-15 grape tomatoes
-fresh or dried basil
-2 eggs
-flour tortilla
-your favorite shredded cheese
-minced garlic
-browning seasoning

1. Dice 1/2 onion and throw into buttered/PAMed med-high frying pan - 1-2min
2. Cut tomatoes in 1/4ths, throw into pan with a 1/2 spoon of garlic - sear 1-2 more min, add a couple pinches of salt and basil. You want to slightly brown everything
3. Add a tiny bit of browning seasoning, like 1/8th of a thimbles amount, that stuff goes far. Add a splash of water. Toss really well 2 more minutes
4. Turn heat down to medium. Add a spoon and a half of guacamole. It will melt down to an almost sweet cream base. Toss everything again. Let simmer 1-2 minutes
5. Empty your pan onto a dish but leave some of the cream base in the pan.
6. Beat 2 eggs with a splash of milk and mix into pan with cream base.
7. Make scramble eggs mixed with the cream base and empty everything back onto same plate
8. Slap a flour tortilla on that bad boy, add your favorite cheese, some pepper, then everything on the dish. Let cheese melt, tortilla brown, ENJOY!

love DJ

Updated car in old lighting

After posting the new renders, I noticed my new lighting system looks vastly different from the old one. I took the updated car and put it into the old lighting system and this is what I got. The bottom is new car/old lighting. Top is old car/old lighting

More Artegra Renders

Car updates

More work done to the old Artegra GT!

Backgrounds and Enviorments Class

So class started this week as did our first project! I'm ready to hit the ground running after getting pumped up at SIEGE this past weekend.

For my backgrounds & enviorments class, we have to create a fully textured model of a fork-lift. It has to be under 7k polygons and it will be the first object we learn how to import into the UDK engine. We'll also be learning how to link all the textures in UDK's shader network so the game will know where to find the proper textures.

I'm stoked because I love the science of level design and soon I'll be able to populate my levels with lots of my very own custom models.

I feel empowered today between being introduced to UDK and really starting to pick up zBrush in the same morning.

It'll be a full load this quarter between 4 classes, an internship now going into production mode, and 2 side projects I'm working on.

Here's my style sheet full of references, textures, and color swatches.