The week challenge

So me and my friend Caleb from school decided to collaborate on a post apocalypse themed game scene. We both loved the game fall out 3 and he is especially fascinated with anything post apoc. I'm going to do all the structural stuff and he's going to fortify the scene with things like sand bags, barb wire fences, sheets of scrap metal etc.. We're going to try to finish it in a week. This is my side 1 day in.

Game modeling class

A work in progress shot of my forest for a game modeling class last quarter.

There's a video of the final at the bottom of my blog.


From top to bottom:
-An anatomy study.

-A robotic pulse cannon used for propulsion. It was for a concept art class. To gain speed a running robot would shoot this into the ground behind him and a non damaging burst of energy would accelerate him into the air.

-A character I made for a story boarding class.

-A character for a sculpture class

Assets, Shaders, and Lighting.

Here are some more assets I've worked on.

Exterior shots

Here are a couple exterior shots of the mountain colony from my story about the stranger in the bar.

Over the door is an over hang where the guards have some dialogue with the approaching stranger coming out of the forest.

Game Modeling

Done for a game modeling class this past quarter. Our assignment was to model a 150x150 ft fairy tale scene.

The main focus was to be economical with polygon counts since the assets would be used for a game engine which has to process the meshes real time.

The total poly count for everything you see is just over 15,500 faces.

Story board Animatic

This was for my final project for a story boarding class

The settings is a post-apocalyptic community who finds shelter in a mountain side. Unexpectedly the people of this mountain colony are are approached by a stranger. The stranger brings news of a terrible event on the brink of happening and asks for asylum. With much hesitation the stranger is allowed to take shelter inside the colony's compound. This sequence is about elders of the local cult trying to take advantage of a naive and unsure young adult. They want him to carry out their dirty work and assassinate the feared stranger while he's having a drink.

Artegra GT

I did this for an intermediate modeling class.

Artegra is a daughter company of VW based out of Germany.

With the first render I used an HDR image for image based lighting, a surface shader for the shadow, and photoshop for a small touch up.