The week challenge

So me and my friend Caleb from school decided to collaborate on a post apocalypse themed game scene. We both loved the game fall out 3 and he is especially fascinated with anything post apoc. I'm going to do all the structural stuff and he's going to fortify the scene with things like sand bags, barb wire fences, sheets of scrap metal etc.. We're going to try to finish it in a week. This is my side 1 day in.

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  1. I cant wait to see what this is going to look like. As of now i think that it is a cross between Left for dead and an old school side scrolling double dragon game great job. Tell caleb i want to work on some stuff with you guys maybe in the future i am a beg and still use alot of drag and drop programs rookie at this but i also use Rage game engine and a little c++, and python xD